We wear necklaces for various reasons. Some people have these pieces as fashion. Others hang them for inspiration, motivation or pass unique messages to others. The notes come from different motivations. We believe that jewellery should be an expression of self, feeling as well as hopes and aspirations, so each piece that we make is imbued with meaning and holds a narrative designed to act as a talisman or visual mantra, bringing a spirit of curiosity and courage into every aspect of your life.

Crafted for everyday use, our unique Jewellery are versatile, meaningful and playful. Whatever inspires you, from symbolic shaped charms to meaningful visual symbols engraved on a pendant, you're sure to find something for yourself or a loved one.

Below are 18 Inspiration Necklaces with Beautiful Messages inspired by African Adinkra Symbols


God is King

All is Well

You Rule

Happy Family

Confidence is Key

You are full of Energy

You are Beautiful

Make it Count

Divine Grace

A Mother´s Love and Protection

Child of the Heavens

Stronger than Ever

Faith Over Fear

Good Fortune

Mind Over Matter

You Rule


Happy Future