Now here’s something for the black queen on the move. These black girl backpack embody black pride with their rich colors and designs. Aside being a comfy way to carry your around queen stuff, your melanin poppin backpack is a sure way to see that the world knows exactly who you are.

You’ll be sure to love these black girl bookbags because each one is designed specifically with you in mind – the magical black girl. So make one of these melanin backpacks your companion as you go to school, work, or whatever other queenly place you like and spread a dose of your black magic everywhere you go.

A black girl backpack is just the accessory you need to represent who you are wherever you find yourself without you having to say a single word. These melanin backpacks are durable, colorful, beautiful and meaningful, just like you.

A black queen can face the world with confidence in who she is and what she knows about her heritage.

She can neither be put down nor intimidated. And that’s who you are. So flaunt that magic with a black girl backpack of your choice!

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