Child of the soil, every day is a good day to let the world know how proud you are of your roots. Being a Ghanaian means being an offshoot of a wealth of history and culture that dates back for millennia.

And what better way to flaunt your heritage than with a beautifully printed Ghana t-shirt?

The red, yellow and green bands, as well as the black star of our national flag, represented on these Ghana t-shirts, resonate a deep and powerful meaning.

Red reminds us of the brave nationalists whose blood was spilled in the struggle for our independence. Yellow represents the great mineral wealth seated in our land, particularly gold. It’s no wonder that our nation was once known as the Gold Coast.

Green signifies the abundance of natural vegetation and fertility of our soil. And the black star represents black excellence and African freedom.

Any of these gorgeous Ghana t-shirts is a perfect reminder of who you are and what you stand for.

You are never alone, child of the soil. Wherever you go and whatever amazing thing you do, let your Ghana t-shirt remind you that the nation of Ghana stands behind you.

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