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Melanin shirts for, by, and about black folks seems to be having a renaissance. Search Google for Melanin Shirts and you´ll get 2,700,000 results including, melanin poppin shirts, Dripping in Melanin Shirts, It must be melanin shirts, melanin shirt friends, black is beautiful shirts and a Wakanda-themed “Classy Like Nakia, Fight Like Okoye, Invent Like Shuri”.

 Amazon boasts even more options. Each one of these melanin shirts declares some facet of black identity: Black, Unapologetic, Magical, Excellence, Proud, Beautiful, etc. 

So why has melanin shirts emerged as such a fashionable force of nature among all manner of “skinfolk,” from millennials to 40-something professionals?

For many years in history, Black skin was not regarded as a feature to be proud of. Society tried to make melanin-blessed people feel sorry about the color of their skin. Thank goodness, they didn’t succumb. Instead, they passed down Black Pride from generation to generation, and now the world finally appreciates the beauty of Black. Still, our struggle is far from over.

The sweat, blood and tears of brave, justice-seeking, freedom-fighting, melanated men and women have earned us the right to be bold and proud of our heritage. We ought to feel free to identify with the stories and struggles that have made us who we are. There’s really no better time to don Melanin t-shirts than now.

Melanin shirts and apparels incite confidence and awareness, excite transformation and change, and unite people in an amazing way. This is why it matters.

Here’s your map to all the Black Pride Melanin T-shirts you’ll be beyond proud to own and wear.



Adinkra Knowledge Tee
Here’s powerful Afrocentric t-shirt to tear down barriers.


Check out our Adinkra Symbol Tees


Check out our Adinkra Symbol Tees


Black Girl Magic MelaninT-shirt
Just because your magic is real.


Black is Beautiful MelaninT-shirt


Melanin Poppin’T-shirt
Accentuate your melanin with this melanin shirt.



Dashiki Melanin Afro WomanT-shirt
Are you proud of your African heritage? Flaunt it with this Afrocentric t-shirt.



Black Panther T-shirt/Hoodie
Few movies have made us prouder of our roots.



Phenomenal Woman Melanin T-shirt
You know who you are and you’re not afraid to wear it like armor.



Black To gether Again Melanin T-shirt
We stand united. Remind everyone with this Black Pride t-shirt.



BAE (Black and Educated) Melanin T-shirt
We’re Black, bold, beautiful and fully aware.



Unapologetic Black Melanin T-shirt
Curly hair, flawless skin and nothing to be sorry for.



Natural Beauty Melanin T-shirt
Black Beauty is the crowning jewel of Mother Nature. And you are Black Beauty.



African King Melanin T-shirt
Let this statement precede you as you step into any room: “The king is here.”



African Queen Melanin T-shirt
Who’s the queen? You guessed right. The one with this melanin apparel on.



African T-shirt
No matter where you are or what you do, Africa flows through your veins and echoes in your DNA.



Gold Raised Fist T-shirt
Gold for excellence, hand raised for strength, fist clenched for unity. The ultimate Black Pride t-shirt.



Inner Fly Girl Melanin T-shirt
Girl, you’re fly on all counts, with chocolatey skin to prove it.



Melanin T-shirt
Here’s a melanin shirt that speaks for itself.



Nah -Rosa Parks, 1955 T-shirt
And yeah, you totally have to have this one! We will never forget.



I am the New American Dream T-shirt
MLK dreamed it, you’re living it, against all odds.




Naturally Unbothered Melanin Shirt
Go Gurl, Attitude is Everything.


The True Size of Africa Melanin T-shirt
Africa covers the entire globe. Africa is you and me.



Ebony Wonder T-shirt/Sweatshirt
I’m ebony wonder woman what’s your Superpower?


Woke. Intelligent. Ready. Melanin T-shirt
Stand out with this not-so-subtle reminder that we are capable,conscious and ready.


Black and Proud Melanin T-shirt 
Because you’ve got everything to be proud of and no apologies.


Young & Fly & Conscious Melanin T-shirt/Hoodie
This generation will not be suppressed, misled or denied.


Power of Black Love Melanin T-shirt
There’s no force that can resist the Power of Black Love.


Africa Roots Melanin T-shirt
You can’t shake a tree whose roots are firmly planted in Africa.


Black Excellence Melanin T-shirt
You’re used to standing out for the color of your skin, but you stand out for more than that.



Pure Black Nutritional Facts Melanin T-shirt
Tell the world what your magic is made of. It’s time to spill the secret ingredients.


I Have The Dream Melanin T-shirt
You have the dream and you’ve decided not to rest till it’s fulfilled.


Hope Melanin T-shirt
Wear with pride the face that speaks hope without having to utter a word.


Melanin Goddess T-shirt
Melanin makes you more than human.


Africa Love Melanin T-shirt
Show your love for the land of your origin. Africa is Love.


Black Don’t Crack Melanin T-shirt
Black has been through thick and thin, hailstorms and fire, and come out as pure gold.


Black Girls Rock Melanin  T-shirt/Hoodie
Just in case anyone forgot that you’re a gem.


African Girl Head-wrap Melanin  T-shirt
Culture is everything. Represent your roots with this Afrocentric t-shirt.


Black Woman Melanin T-shirt 
Everything you’ve been through has led you up to this point. This one is for the woke Black Woman.


Africa DNA T-shirt
A shirt to represent on the outside who you are on the inside.


Friends’ Queens Melanin T-shirts/Hoodie
You belong to a sisterhood of Black queens who don’t mind ruling together.


Black to the Future T-shirt/Hoodie
In every facet of life, Black people are shaping the future in ways that no one can deny. Its’s Black to the Future and beyond!

Black to the Future Hoodie

Thick Thighs & Thin Patience Melanin T-shirt
Just a reminder so they think twice before they step on your toes.


Flexin’ My Complexion Melanin T-shirt/Sweatshirt
Show the world what you are made of.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can bask in the power of your melanin with any of these Black Pride T-shirts.


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