African Fashion : 80 Most Inspiring African Fashion Sites on the Web

From a multitude of beautiful African print fabrics to gorgeous jaw-dropping styles on African inspired clothing, the tasteful and colourful creations of African fashion has been making waves on the global fashion scene and we are here for it.

African fashion is not just for fashion’s sake, it is a celebration of the continent’s rich and diverse multicultural heritage.

New African styles are continuously erupting onto the fashion scene and if you are reading this article then you must be interested in the latest African fashion styles. The good news is; we’ve got you covered.

This article will bring you 79 of the most inspiring African fashion sites on the web to satisfy your fashion aficionado urges.



Dashiki Pride is an online clothing store with a stylish collection of Dashiki wears – a  brightly coloured West African wear. The store is owned by three Nigerian sisters and they offer worldwide shipping.

Best for: Chic Dashiki wears in clothing, accessories and shoes for men and women of all sizes

Country: Nigeria & USA


D’IYANU is your go to clothing line for bold and chic ready-to-wear African fashion inspired clothing. The brand is owned by Nigerian born Addie Olutola. The clothing are of very high quality and are specially designed in Philadelphia, US.

Best for: Trendy African inspired fashion in t-shirts, shirts, dresses and tops at affordable prices for men, women and kids.

Country: Nigeria & USA


Zuvaa offers a wide variety of unique African inspired designs from around the world. Zuvaa offers an online marketplace where African fashion brands and retailers can sell their products to help connect you to one of a kind designs from around the world.

Best for: Chic and stylish dresses, jumpsuits and tops

Country: USA


Afrikrea prides itself in being a one stop shop for everything related to African fashion and handicrafts. If you need classy and sophisticated yet quirky and modern African inspired fashion clothing and accessories from a wide range of retailers and brands, then Afrikrea is what you are looking for.

Best for: Trendy and dapper African ethnic wax print clothing in pencil skirts, crop tops, jumpsuits, head wraps and accessories for women of all sizes.

Country: Nigeria & UK


Sometimes you just want to take a break from high fashion for something more practical yet still very stunning. La Passion Voûtée, is the place to find inspiration for affordable everyday African fashion inspired styles to make you fall in love with your wardrobe all over again.

Best for: Practical and regular fashion styles for women

Country: UK


Designed in-house in the UK, Grass-fields is stocked with African fashion inspired trendy and casual pieces at wallet friendly prices. If you want to add more colours to your wardrobe, you will find a lot of fun and vibrant pieces at Grass fields.

Best for: Comfy and stunning casual wears for women at affordable rates

Country: UK


Fresh from Atlanta, Dupsie’s is the online store for a wide variety of modern and unique African outfits and accessories from some of the best designers in West Africa. The clothes are all designed and produced in Africa so you can be guaranteed you are getting the authentic thing.

Best for: Traditional African attire like African laces, wax print attire, Kente, Dashiki and Asooke for women and men of all sizes and shapes.

Country: Georgia, USA


Stylish, bold and vibrant pieces of African wax print clothing is what Kitenge is all about. Every piece of fabric on the online store is locally sourced and produced by tailors in the Tanzanian fashion market. The online store offers worldwide shipping to ensure that every beautiful piece is available to you.

Best for: Handmade African wax print clothing and accessories for men and women of all ages.

Country: Tanzania & USA


From clothing and fabrics to accessories to personal care products like oils and soaps, Africa Imports is where you can access the largest selection of not just African fashion but other Afrocentric products as well. You can find just about any product of African art here and you will definitely love those prices. 

Best for: African and Afrocentric products relating to clothing, accessories and personal care.

Country: New Jersey, USA


L’aviye brings the perfect blend of African and Western fashion in a modern, trend setting style. The brand delivers female empowerment inspired fashion forward designs to promote self expression and the confidence of African women through fashion.

Best for: African fashion inspired statement dresses and tops for women

Country: UK


Zabba Designs offers a wide variety of African inspired clothing specially curated to make every woman look and feel elegant and glamorous regardless of size and stature. The brand perfectly merges African and western design to create unique and original styles you will not find anywhere else.

Best for: Stylish African print clothing for women

Country: USA


Kuwala markets itself as a “ready to wear, ready to shine” online boutique and nothing could be truer. Kuwala has a reputation for its elegantly hand-crafted pieces from some of the most amazing fashion designers all across Africa. The brand is extremely fashion conscious to keep customers on top of their game at every time.

Best for: Exclusive and chic African attires from African designers

Country: USA


Africa Bloom is a huge online marketplace for a wide variety of African-inspired crafts and fashion pieces. From amazing African fabrics like Ankara, Dashiki and Kente to beautiful African crafts for home decor and personal care, if it is made in Africa, then you can get it in Africa Bloom.

Best for: African clothing, accessories and Afrocentric pieces of craft for beauty, style and interior decor.

Country: USA


From Dashiki dresses to denim intertwined with African textiles, with Ocacia, you can be certain you will always stay on top of African designer clothing. The high quality attires are all created with great focus on quality are available for both men and women and you have nothing to worry when it comes to shipping, the online store always delivers.

Best for: Haute couture modern African fashion for men and women

Country: USA


Gitas Portal is ideal for African print clothing for all styles and sizes. Here, you will also find African design inspired accessories like belts and scarves to complement your statement pieces.

Best for: African wax print designs in dresses, jackets, tops, bottoms, playsuits and jumpsuits for women

Country: London, England


Ohema Ohene is an African heritage inspired British fashion brand created by Abenaa Pokuaa, a British born designer. The fashion brand carries classy and sophisticated all produced in Ghana with impressive attention to quality

Best for: Simple and classic African styles in dresses and shirts for women and men.

Country: England and Wales


HouseOfSarah 14 is an online African fashion store stocked with some of the trendiest and most fashionable African design inspired attires you would find in one place. The clothing are all specially handmade with authentic African wax prints and here, you will find pieces that are perfect for all and every occasion.

Best for: Trendy African designs in skirts and dresses of all lengths, tops, pants and jumpsuits.

Country: UK


Fresh from H-town, Texas, Trube of Dumo is an African-Inspired accessory line where couture meets culture. The brand is owned by two Nigerian-born designers who are looking to help bring African Fashion to the international stage by incorporating the bold and beautiful African fabrics with everyday Western styles

Best for: Stylish African accessories and fabrics in jumpsuits, jackets, Kimonos, dresses and tops for women and kids

Country: Texas, USA


You can never go wrong with loving your body just the easy it is and Anna Cisse is using her My Curves and Curls blog to share love and promote everything body positivity. If you need help developing a personal style when it comes to outfits, you will find her perspective on fashion and style very useful.

Best for: Stylish and simple apparels for plus size women

Country: USA


This is where regular African fabric is turned into unique and trendy outfits. The African clothing online store delivers authentic and ready-to-wear African and International styled clothing inspired by the rich culture of Africa. From clothing to accessories to footwear, you will find almost any fashion piece you need here.

Best for: Custom designed pieces in dresses, tops, skirts, pants, kaftans and accessories for women and men.

Country: USA


Amooti offers a stylish collection of African design inspired clothing for women. The marketplace features   beautiful and unique fashion pieces from clothing to accessories offering a one stop shop for all your fashion needs.

Best for: African designs in clothes, bags, footwear and accessories

Country: USA


The self acclaimed, no. 1 source of Ankara print fashion, All Things Ankara is a multi-faceted fashion brand promoting Ankara print fashion on the global stage through its online retail store. The store features dozens of beautiful and trendy Ankara print fashion from designers from all over the world

Best for: High fashion African print clothing

Country: USA


Ashanis offers a collection of elegant high fashion pieces from combining bold and vibrant African prints. If you need trendy African styles and designs, then Ashanis is your destination.

Best for: African print skirts, dresses and pants

Country: DMV Metro Area, USA


Suakoko Betty is the African clothing store for the trendy and chic fashionista. The store offers standout modern African designs that give a perfect blend of Liberian and American cultures, testament to the owner – Charlene Dunbar’s upbringing. The attires are effortlessly stylish and can easily be woven into your everyday styles.

Best for: Simple African print dresses, separates, jumpsuits and other attires for women.

Country: Atlanta, US


My Asho is the go to online store for African print clothing and accessories of all styles from multiple designers spread out across Africa. You will definitely find something you like here along with some styling tips to help you develop your personal style.

Best for: Dashiki shirts, dresses, head wraps and shoe wraps.

Country: London, England


Looking to try out fashion totally out of the box to make you stand out? Then you should shop on Melange Mode. The designer, Yvonne Ghyselinck Pearson merges African and European designs to create beautiful and elegant fashion pieces and ready to wear accessories fit for any occasion.

Best for: Traditional and modern prints in skater dresses, peplum tops and maxi skirts.

Country: UK


DPiperTwins is an online store for unique high street fashion featuring a vibrant and bold combination of colourful African wax print design. The brand is very popular especially among celebrities, models and fashion bloggers.

Best for: Chic and elegant African prints in tops, dresses, jumpsuits and jackets.

Country: USA


Simply Ma’aM offers a collection of beautifully curated African designs from dresses to bags to help you make a fashion statement wherever you go. The store also features “Black Love” a collection of couple inspired dresses for you and significant other.

Best for: African designs in tops, shirt dresses, bodice dresses, jackets and bags.

Country: USA


Fashion focused EnnyEthnic is an online store offering a wide variety of clothing and accessories inspired by African designs. From urban chic types to ethnic centric pieces, the brand delivers unique statement collectibles only available in the store.

Best for: Voguish modern and vintage styled African designs in dresses, trenches, skirts, shoes and accessories.

Country: USA


Stella Jean is a large fashion brand famous for blending African and Italian styles to create unique and one of a kind fashion. Stella Jean draws inspiration for designs from celebrities and runway models.

Best for: High street fashion and stunning street style.

Country: Italy


If you need Ankara inspired fashion pieces, just head over to the Etsy online store. From African print dresses to sleep bonnets made out of African textiles, you will find everything you need and even more here.

Best for: Ankara fabrics and Ankara centric products

Country: USA


Ena Gancio is a popular clothing brand offering good quality, stylish and chic clothing for women. The products are featured on All Things Ankara, the African inspired online clothing marketplace

Best for: African designs in dresses and custom made tuxedo suit

Country: USA


Maison de Mawollie stocks a huge collection of ready to wear custom designed clothing inspired by a blend of modernism and cultural diversity to create unique and elegant pieces to make you stand out wherever you are. The brand its also available on Etsy and Zuvaa.

Best for: Customised dresses, jumpsuits and separates

Country: Georgia, USA


The Chen Burkett brand offers a collection of elegant and beautiful African pieces to make every woman who wears a dress from here feel every bit as amazing and gorgeous as they really are

Best for: African inspired clothing in skirts and dresses

Country: New York, USA


Kiki online store is the place for exceptional pieces of African fashion inspired modern styles and patterns. All the products are custom made in Ghana with extreme attention to quality to ensure you are getting the best there is.

Best for: African fashion styles in clothing for women

Country: Accra, Ghana


If what you need to complete your wardrobe is a stylish and innovative jewelry line, then Beads Byaree will bring you immense satisfaction. Beads Byaree is known for its collection of one of a kind hand crafted accessories all available for order on the website  

Best for: unique and exclusive African fashion inspired jewelry and accessories

Country: New York, USA


Yetunde provides a huge collection of bold and beautiful African wax prints in very stylish designs created to flatter all types of female physique. The designs are tailor made and unique to the brand

Best for: African prints tops, skirts, jackets and head wraps

Country: Nigeria & USA


UziZuri is home to sophisticated and classy African fashion statement accessories to make you standout wherever you are. The accessories are all ethically made and handcrafted in Kenya to bring you authentic and original products.

Best for: African design inspired handbags, earrings, necklaces and bracelets

Country: Kenya & USA


Ibilola is an online fashion store that combines African and French cultures to create elegant fashion pieces. The store is all about promoting body positivity amongst women with several of its products are designed to fit plus size women.

Best for: trendy and fashionable accessories and clothing for women of all sizes, especially plus size women

Country: France


Woen-ilga offers exclusive and elegant collection of ready to wear African wax clothing, modern accessories and art. All attires are specially tailored and custom made to ensure that you are always at your very best no matter the place and time. The online store supports worldwide delivery so you can order you products from any part of the globe and have it delivered to you.

Best for: Stylish and feminine African print dresses, pants, bags and accessories.

Country: Nigeria & UK


Bazara’Pagne offers African inspired fashion pieces with a touch of sophistication and elegance for both women and men. The French fashion house is the definition of class and you will look nothing short of effortlessly chic in the attires.

Best for: High fashion African print designs in pants, jumpsuits, dresses and jackets.

Country: Paris, France


Stellah’s groove brings contemporary African fashion to the limelight. With its huge collection of African inspired wax prints designs in clothing and accessories named “Tribal Groove”, you will find just about anything in the online store.

Best for: Ankara and Dashiki inspired jumpsuits, palazzo, dresses and tops.

Country: USA


Stephanie Bijoux is a company built from passion and creativity as evident in their special hand crafted jewelry especially necklaces and earrings. The store is regularly updated so you don’t have to worry about not finding anything you like the first time.

Best for: high fashion African inspired necklaces and other neck pieces

Country: USA


If you need a stylish fashion brand with a touch of class and sophistication, Aphia Sakyi is where you will find what you are looking for. The fashion brand offers an online store for African designs clothing and accessories and their innovative and chic products absolutely nail it.

Best for: Practical and fun clothing and accessories.

Country: UK


The South African online store Dedani is the place for 100 percent original cashmere designs. The products are all made through the combination of modern-day technology and handcrafting by the local craftspeople to create luxurious natural fibre blends

Best for: African inspired pillow covers, rugs, ponchos and capes.

Country: South Africa


Becca Apparel is the online store for your amazing African inspired clothing and accessories. The website also allows you to choose your location so you can view tailor made fashion items specially curated for your location.

Best for: African prints clothing and stunning hand crafted accessories

Country: Nigeria & USA


A feisty and fast growing clothing brand known for producing superb hand made, organic clothing. Every textile produced is made with strict adherence to ethical standards to promote organic products and environmental sustainability in Sub Saharan Africa

Best for: Ethically made goods including madras, shirts, pants and scrap bag

Country: Burkina Faso


Blessed designs offers a simple yet fashionable collective of clothing and fashion accessories specially created with a unique touch of style in each piece. The accessories and clothing are all designed such that they would look flattering on just about any woman

Best for: sweatshirts, tops and jewelry

Country: Texas, USA


If you are ever in need of beautiful African fabrics and wax prints, think of House of uBuhle Collection. The brand features a beautiful collection of African styles and designs for women to help you define your own personal style

Best for: African was prints and fabrics dresses, tips, skirts and kimonos

Country: Georgia, USA


ZurikGirl offers a  huge selection of fluently chic ready to wear African design inspired clothing. The brand incorporates vintage designs with modern contemporary styles to provide elegant pieces at very affordable prices

Best for: Casual and simple African style inspired clothing

Country: Lagos, Nigeria


If your home needs a little more colour here and there, Bespoke Binny offers some of the finest African home wares available in the brightest and most fun colours. The spirit of your home will naturally be uplifted with so many beautiful and vibrant colours around.

Best for: African Print home ware like bedding, pillows, cushions, lampshades, napkins and so many more

Country: London, England


Sisters of Afrika is an online fashion boutique offering stylish yet affordable fashion in bold and vibrant colours for fashion-forward women. 

Best for: African fashion inspired jumpsuits and dresses.

Country: Senegal


Alunna offers a stylish collection of feminine and elegant high fashion pieces to top keep you on top of African fashion all year round. Every piece of clothing is ethically and aesthetically designed in Nigeria so you can be guaranteed of the authenticity of the product.

Best for: Casual dresses, tops and jumpsuits.

Country: Nigeria


Aimies Fashion House is the online store for chic and sophisticated Ankara inspired fashion. The Kenyan brand has produced a lot of beautiful pieces and you can’t help but love every one of it.

Best for: Ankara inspired trendy dresses, tops, skirts and pants.

Country: Nairobi, Kenya


Anyone can rock matching pieces and this brightly coloured Shola matching set featured on Nuraniya Studios would be just perfect if you are in need of matching sets. They are available in a wide range of sizes so the sizing should be the very least of your problems.

Best of: Matching sets in African print

Country: USA


From African print coat dresses to head wraps, Kahaari has it all in bold and vibrant patterns and colours to give your wardrobe that pop of colour it needs.

Best for: African wax print dresses, tops, skirts and more

Country: USA


Besida is an amazing “made in Nigeria” fashion brand offering women’s fashion in vintage and modern styles at affordable prices.

Best for: African inspired casual wears for women

Country: Nigeria


Like the name gives away, Hand Knit by Xoli features beautiful hand knitted pieces of clothing. The garments are delicately knitted with Alpaca yarn in bold and vibrant colours to create some of the best knitted wears you will ever come across.

Best for: Knitted sweaters and beanies

Country: Connecticut, USA


Rahyma is a luxury African clothing line known for its trendy and stylish African print wears. The attires are made ready wear and there is absolutely nothing you would not love about these chic styles.

Best for: High fashion African designs for women in dresses, tops, jumpsuits and skirts.

Country: USA


From African print clothing for both men and women to accessories, Bot i Lam delivers classic silhouettes that perfectly intertwines traditional African and modern cultures for fashion lovers all over the world.

Best for: Simple Afrocentric casual wears for women and men

Country: USA


Styled by Emerald is for enthralling African print fabrics made into classic and modern styles. If you need statement wardrobe staples in elegant prints, you will find all your needs met by this clothing line.

Best for: High fashion African design inspired outfits in dresses, pants, matching sets/two pieces.

Country: USA


Trufacebygrace offers a unique collection of both iconic red carpet ready and simple African fashion inspired by the fascinating African culture. Every piece is uniquely styled and designed to suit a wide range of individual styles.

Best for: African inspired Bohemian dresses, skirts, tops, head wraps and accessories.

Country: USA


With J. Brooks Boutique, you can access a massive collection of simple and classic statement pieces that you can wear over and over again until you are tired.

Best for: Chic African print dresses, tops, pants and two pieces

Country: USA


Onyii & Co features a beautiful collection of Afrocentric styles befitting for a wide variety of occasions. The fashion brand is very popular and has been featured in major fashion magazines including Vogue, Essence and Cosmopolitan.

Best for: High fashion contemporary designs in dresses, skirts, tops and jumpsuits.

Country: USA


Tabeka Fashion guarantees show-stopping and head-turning African inspired styles especially created to celebrate African culture through the Marvel comics popularised movie, Black Panther. The online site also offers free shipping so you can order your goods from anywhere on the world.

Best for: Simple and elegant African designs in dresses, tops and two pieces.

Country: USA


Awelana Tibori is an African print inspired online clothing shop featured tailored and custom made fashion wears for women to bring comfort through clothing while staying stylish.

Best for: African styled dresses, tops and skirts

Country: Ghana


Kiki Kamanu is a huge fashion brand that has been blazing the fashion trail of years. The online fashion store has become a pacesetter brand in the fashion industry known for creating high quality modern and trendy outfits using African fabrics.

Best for: High quality contemporary African designs inspired denim and dresses.

Country: USA


Nothing says contemporary African clothing like Xzenda. If you need an women’s wear brand online African print clothing store, then you will find a huge collection of African inspired designs in as many styles as you wand to satisfy inner fashionista.

Best for: African print clothing in dresses, jackets, tops, playsuits, shirts and matching sets

Country: UK


ATM Kollectionz curates quirky and stylish high quality African fashion inspired designs using Ankara patterned prints. The clothes are all uniquely handmade in Africa and designed in the UK to give ther perfect blend of neo-African styles and designs.

Best for: Contemporary African dresses for girls and women of all sizes

Country: UK


M.A.D. Kollection is a fashionable representation of how tradition meets modernism. The designs offer sophistication  with just the right amount of simplicity to keep the overall style very high fashion yet functional as well.

Best for: High fashion dresses, tops, skirts and matching sets in African wax prints.

Country: UK


Obioma Fashion is the place for vibrant Ankara prints that explores the intimacy of Nigerian cultural designs with the modern silhouettes from American fashion. The designs are all new and original and you may not find such bold fashion in any other clothing line.

Best for: Trendy African designs for women in rompers, dresses and tops

Country: Nigeria and USA


Missbeida is the fashion brand for simple and effortless fashion wears to satisfy the stylish cravings of the regular woman seeking a taste of traditional African prints designs.

Best for: Simple African inspired dresses and casual wears.

Country: USA


Tufafii delivers Haute Couture inspired by the luxurious cultural heritage of African fashion. The styles are simply unique and you will find that every single penny spent on purchase is worth the quality and design.

Best for: Edgy Afrocentric designs in dresses, pants, trench coats and others.

Country: USA


Ace Kouture brings Nigerian culture inspired styles to the North American fashion scene for fashion forward women looking to introduce more African prints and colours to their wardrobe.

Best for: Trendy African inspired looks for women in tops, dresses, jumpsuits and matching pairs for mommy and her little one.

Country: USA


Ife’s closest delivers high fashion that caters to fashionable women looking to experiment with bold and vibrant African prints designs. The products are all ethically designed in the UK for the clothing and in Morocco for the footwear.

Best for: Ready to wear African print clothing in dresses,  tops, culottes and shoes

Country: UK


Akwan2Fo Fashion is a Fashion house created to provide working opportunities for a group of carefully selected and very talented local tailors in Assin-Fosu, Ghana. The fashion  brand originally started with producing home decor wares like pillowcases and bedding. However, the huge market for African inspired clothing necessitated the creation of their now famous clothing line.

Best for: African design inspired clothing and Afrocentric home wares

Country: Ghana and The Netherlands


Mae Otti is a womenswear brand that creates the stunning “African-meets-Western” looks by merging Western silhouettes with the bold and vibrant African fabrics. Mae Otti looks are one of a kind and they are produced with tremendous attention to detail to give a beautiful signature style and quality look.

Best for: Contemporary African midi and maxi dresses, peplum tops, and jumpsuits

Country: USA


If you’re the type of person whose personal style features a blend of African and western designs, then Mangishi Doll has just the perfect products for you. The fashion brand delivers high quality beautiful African inspired designs that will make you the center of attraction in any room you walk into.

Best for: Stylish African print clothing in dresses, pants and jackets

Country: USA



Unique and glamorous, those are the perfect words for Marhaw Fashion and craftsmanship. Their handbag-making process supports the batik-making industries in west africa who employ mainly women as well as supporting kente/adinkra weaving local industry in Ghana

Best for: Handmade handbags and other accessories

Country: Ghana




If you are after African contemporary fashion and style then the sites outlined above will serve you just fine. The African clothes offered on these sites are of high quality design featuring both vintage chic, modern classic designs and everything in between to cater to your fashion needs to help you develop your own unique personal style.


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