Add a touch of tropical vibe to your interior with these African Wall Arts.

African culture is rich and flavorful, and creative artwork is one of its many expressions. Africa is blessed with countless artists talented at depicting their environment through cultural eyes. African Wall Arts will add that touch of tropical taste to any space.    African Wall Art for Hallway Your hallway is the first impression that […]

8 Gorgeous Ways to Tie a Head Wrap

The African head wrap is a mark of tradition that has adorned the heads of African queens for millennia. Head scarf wrapping styles and fabrics have been passed down for generations and have now become universally appreciated as colorful and bespoke fashion accessories. There’s no disputing the transformation that a gorgeous African turban can bring […]

Melanin Poppin: Get Your Glow on with these Melanin Poppin Shirts

melanin poppin shirts

We´ve heard the phrase Melanin Poppin many times and seen it on t shirts, but what does Melanin Poppin mean? Melanin poppin is that glow that you can’t help but emit when you are comfortable and confident in your black skin. It´s an essence of coolness, empowerment, pride and excitement of black people.  Black people […]

African Wax Prints and the Story behind their names

african print

What is African Print or Ankara Fabric African Wax Print, also called Ankara Fabric, Dutch Wax Prints, or Holland Print is 100% cotton fabric with beautiful vibrant colours for clothing in Africa, especially West Africa. These Fabrics were first produced in Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). African soldiers who were serving in the region at […]