For many years in history, Black skin was not regarded as a feature to be proud of. Society tried to make melanin-blessed people feel sorry about the color of their skin. Thank goodness, they didn’t succumb. Instead, they passed down Black Pride from generation to generation, and now the world finally appreciates the beauty of […]

The Year of Return

Celebrating 400 years of African Resilience   Perhaps I’m ignorant. Perhaps I have been for some time now. Many of my perceptions, or misperceptions rather, were overdue to be rightfully shattered. It’s a shame—as one with many friends from Cameroon, Nigeria, and other countries throughout the continent of Africa—that I have remained so unaware. These friends […]

Adinkra Symbols and Meanings: West African Adinkra Symbol of Knowledge

Adinkra Symbols & Meanings: Akan Knowledge Symbols Never in my life did I think I would see Adinkra Symbols in a Marvel Movie. Once Obscure, these West African symbols now take the spotlight in the world’s third largest movie industry, Hollywood. The Adinkra symbols have been spotted in movies like;   The Black Panther: Symbol […]

Gye Nyame : All You Need To Know About The Gye Nyame Symbol

Africa is a continent filled with so many different ethnic groups, making it rich in culture and values. There are so many parts of African culture distinct to each ethnic group and beliefs. The clothes, food, beauty standards, and general beliefs, all differ from one another. Also, there are different languages and symbols that are […]

African Fashion : 80 Most Inspiring African Fashion Sites on the Web

From a multitude of beautiful African print fabrics to gorgeous jaw-dropping styles on African inspired clothing, the tasteful and colourful creations of African fashion has been making waves on the global fashion scene and we are here for it. African fashion is not just for fashion’s sake, it is a celebration of the continent’s rich […]

African Masks: Everything you Need to Know About African Tribal Masks

African tribal masks are without a doubt one of the greatest and most popular art forms in the entire African continent. Most cultures and traditions in the world have some sort of customs and rituals that involve masks, but African art takes masking to a whole new level. Masking as an African art is not […]